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The world is getting smaller. So is technology. We’re in an age of engineering marvels, surrounded by technology enabling constant connection and convenience, and yet by 2050, a lot is expected to change on our planet. Because despite the growth of sustainable technologies around the world, carbon emissions continue to rise. And that puts our planet and us all at risk, with human-induced climate change threatening to disrupt nature and impact the lives of billions of people around the globe.

The world needs more great ideas. It needs innovators with new perspectives, who can dare to imagine how we can use smart sensors and artificial Intelligence (AI) decision making to help business, communities, and countries achieve carbon neutrality and stop global warming. It needs teams with rich and diverse voices to help push technology to new heights and bring positive change in the world.

We are looking for the next generation of technical innovators who think big about small things. If you are that innovator, then form your university team, come up with a big idea and enter this competition. Compete and win up to $30,000 in prizes for your team and your school. Your challenge: to design and secure an IoT device or network of devices to monitor carbon emissions in corporate and community environments.

This is your chance to make your world better; to make the world better for everyone. Are you ready to step up and innovate?

2019 Keysight Innovation Challenge Highlight Reel

One Idea Is All It Takes

Without women in STEM, we are unable to solve some of the world's most difficult and complex challenges. That's why this year we are challenging entrants to be part of female-led teams with at least equal or more representation of female to male team members, up to 6 people per team. To enter the contest, simply form your woman-led team and design a device powered by the Internet of Things that provides carbon emissions monitoring in a corporate or community site/multi-site.

Enter Starting April 4

Entries for the Keysight Innovation Challenge 2022 may be submitted starting April 4, 2022. The submission period closes on June 6, 2022. The top five finalists will receive a $2,500 (USD) stipend to build their prototypes and will compete against one another at a virtual, final competition in September 2022. The top three winning teams will receive $30,000, $25,000, and $20,000 (USD) cash prizes, respectively, along with $10,000 (USD) worth of Keysight equipment for their school. All students on the top three winning teams will also receive informational interviews with Keysight for potential internship and job opportunities, depending on grade level.

Now is your time to seize the opportunity. Join us in changing the world. Register today to start your journey.

Note: If you are not a student and/or do not plan on entering the competition, you can still help your favorite team win by casting your vote for their submission. Register today to vote for your favorite entries as they are posted.

The first 150 students to register and submit a qualified entry will receive a free Innovation Challenge T-shirt and a Keysight Team TECC Force comic book.

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