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The solution includes fitting carbon emission sensors on/in cars, company transports or public transports which follow the same route almost every day. This will help us analyse the emission trends on specific routes and then suggest ways to reduce these trends.

Also these carbon emission sensors will be fitted on the chimneys of factories so as to monitor and analyse the emission levels from the factories.

Monitoring the carbon emissions in corporate and community environments would help us analyse the trends in the emission rate which in turn will help the researchers and planners to come up with easy and modified solutions. The trend analysis is an important factor as it not only helps us answer when, where and why but also predicts how big the problem actually is and with a little bit of brainstorming we can come up with precise and personalised ways to reduce such hazardous effects of carbon emissions.


The state of our environment has become a major concern worldwide. Now, many businesses are looking to see what they can do to ensure a safe tomorrow for the next generations. But making the choice to be eco-friendly and become a sustainable organisation can take a lot of energy. It’s important to stay inspired so you remember why you’re making the choice to “go green” in the first place. Sustainability is the basis for healthy living – it is how the Earth’s biological systems remain diverse and productive, and every single one of our daily choices can make an impact. Our major part of the inspiration follows the common idea of bringing out a change in the society and creating a safe and secure future for not only us but also our future generations. The main idea is inspired from the fact that vehicles, specifically cars move around monotonously in a specific route most of the time. A major section of the society now owns cars and other transportation facilities which can have our device installed so that we can collect and analyse the carbon emission trends and suggest remedies for the same. We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly. So we focus on the fact that our product is easily available to a large section of the society and also helps collect carbon emission data from a widespread area.


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