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Our idea is to fit an NDIR CO2 sensor equipped with GPS. We are going to attach the GPS equipped sensor in the metropolitan public transportation. We can integrate the data from the sensor and the GPS attached get meaningful and easily understandable data. We can compare the data of both the sensor and and the GPS by checking the time of the data. With the help of AI we can set the program to notify the concerned authorities if the CO2 limit has been going above a certain limit for more than a set number of days.

What makes our idea innovative is that it helps us to cover a lot more area using less sensors which makes implementing our idea cost effective. It has the ability to be mass produced at low cost as it is using just an NDIR sensor and GPS device.

We can get updates according to the time frames we set, so this method will help us gain real time accurate data which helps us to plan to attain carbon neutrality accordingly.


To help nations to achieve the carbon neutrality by using the IoT device with the manipulation of Artificial Intelligence. Also the prospective of being a part of something greater than ourselves really excites us which inspired us to work on this challenge.


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